Black teen fucked by stepfather


I could tell he was enjoying this. I loved the way he would take control of me, and how he would push me to my limits. I was so wet and it was so hot, I was begging for him to stop but he wouldn’t. I just loved how he took me and made me his, and I loved that he knew what he wanted.As her stepfather entered the room, she was surprised to see him. She was not expecting him to be home so early. She always liked the way he looked at her, but he never had sex with her. That is, until now. He pulled her panties down and had her suck his cock. He then bent her over the bed and pounded her pussy. He told her to get on her knees and beg for it. He made her cum so hard that she could barely speak. She begged him to cum inside of her and he finally gave in. He came all over her face and mouth and she loved it.

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