Ebony teen fucked by stepbrother


When Sam is caught watching porn on his laptop, his stepbrother Xander knows he’s got the upper hand. Xander has always been a little possessive of Sam, and now he’s going to make him pay. Xander goes to the kitchen to get some water, but returns with a glass of wine. He offers it to Sam, who’s not sure what’s going on. But Xander tells him that he knows what Sam wants, and he’s going to give it to him. The wine goes down smooth, and Xander has a smile on his face as he pulls out his stepbrother’s cock. Sam takes a deep breath as Xander sucks him off, not even bothering to take off his clothes. He gets on his knees and gives Sam a taste of his own medicine, giving him a blowjob while stroking himself. Sam can’t take it anymore and tells Xander to fuck him. Xander has been waiting for this moment for a long time, and he’s not going to disappoint. He spits on his fingers and rubs them over Sam’s asshole, then slides his fingers inside. Sam moans as Xander works him open, preparing him for his cock. When he’s ready, Xander pushes his cock inside of Sam, starting with just the head before pulling out and thrusting back in. Xander pounds Sam from behind, making him moan and beg for more. Xander wants to hear him scream, so he grabs Sam’s hips and fucks him as hard as he can. He pounds into Sam until he comes, then pulls out and finishes himself off on Sam’s back.

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