Latina Teen first anal with BBC


Lola just turned 18 and she wants to experience her first anal. But what should she do? She doesn’t want to be with a guy her age, so she decides to try it with a BBC. When she gets to the porn shop, she starts looking for the anal dildos. She picks up the biggest one she can find and checks out. The cashier asks her what she’s doing and she tells him she’s trying to experience her first anal. He recommends her a new product, the Latina Teen first anal with BBC. He says it’s designed for beginners, so it won’t hurt as much. Lola is happy with the product and buys it. She comes home and starts preparing. She gets some lube and starts working the toy in and out of her ass. After a while, she feels really good and decides to go for it. She gets on all fours and tells her boyfriend to get inside her from behind. He starts pumping away at her tight asshole and before long, she’s cumming.

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