Cute Lesbian Teens sex in the car


My heart is racing and my panties are soaked. I don’t know what’s happening to me. The last thing I remember is the car accident, and then I woke up in the hospital. I looked around and realized I was in a hospital gown, but my clothes were nowhere to be found. I thought I was alone, but then I heard a voice. “Hi!” A cute girl said, and she had a nice smile. “My name is Brittany.” “I’m Ashley.” I replied. “What happened?” “You don’t remember?” Brittany asked. “No.” “Well, we were driving down the road and you were changing the radio station. I guess you hit the brakes too hard because we got into an accident.” “I remember.” I said. “We’re lesbians, so we started kissing and it led to sex.” Brittany said, smiling. “And you didn’t have any clothes on so we got naked and had sex.” Brittany said, still smiling. “That’s so hot!” I said, grinning. Brittany reached out and started touching my pussy and she started to finger me. “It’s so wet!” Brittany said, sounding surprised. “I think you like it.” Brittany said, still smiling. “It feels really good.” I said, starting to get wetter. Brittany kept touching me and then she put her tongue on my pussy and started licking me. “Oh my god!” I moaned. “It feels so good!” Brittany licked me faster and faster and then she stuck her tongue inside me. “Yes!” I moaned, and I could feel myself getting closer to an orgasm. Then Brittany stopped licking me and she just looked at me. I could tell she wanted me to come, so I reached down and started rubbing my clit and I came.

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